Google Adwords Website Traffic - 3 Myths That People Believe That Leave Them Broke & Without Any Website Traffic

The problem with getting traffic to your site from Adwords is the fact that there are so many myths floating around that if you believe them you will end up going broke…

Here Are 3 Dangerous Myths About Google Adwords That You Need To Avoid:

Myth #1 – All the good markets are full of advertisers already…

You have to realize that if a market is profitable and full of buyers, there are going to be a lot of other competitors in that niche.

The days of finding a secret market are long gone. The internet is old enough now that there are really no secret markets.

Myth #2 – If there are too many competitors you won’t be able to make any money…

The bottom line is that the money is made in your ability to get the visitors who come to your site to buy more stuff.

The better you are at selling high priced products, the more money you will make and the more traffic you will be able to buy because of your high profits.

Myth #3 – Google will not let me use a landing page…

You have to realize that you can use a landing page; you just have to make sure you are following the rules. I have gotten over 200,000 leads from Google Adwords using a landing page.

Just make sure you are not doing it sleazy and that you offer good value to the visitor. 

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