Google Adwords Secrets - Dangerous Myths People Believe About Getting Website Traffic From The Content Network

One of the biggest problems that people have with using the Content Network is overcoming all the myths that people tell them about this Network that are not true.

I want to show you right now what these myths are and explain to you why they are not true…

Content Network Myth #1 – You will get massive amounts of click fraud in your account.

The reason that this is a myth is because it does not happen as much as people think it does.

Yes it can happen, but you have to realize that Google is a huge company and they can’t have their reputation damaged by people thinking that they allow click fraud.

So they work very hard to make sure it is minimized and to make sure that you don’t get millions of clicks on your ads from robots that are trying to financially ruin you.

Content Network Myth #2 – The quality of traffic on this network is garbage…

You have to realize that this is not true! The quality of traffic is great if you know how to find good sites to let your ads run on.

You have to make sure you are tracking to see which sites your ads get syndicated on. Then you can check out those sites and make sure they are good matches for your offer.

If they are not – then you can block them and you don’t have to worry about your ads showing on them.

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