Google Adwords Content Network - Myths People Have About Using The Content Network To Get More Website Traffic

The problem with the Google Adwords Content Network is the fact that it is so controversial and that people believe a lot of myths about this traffic source that ends up leaving them broke…

Here Are The Most Common Myths People Believe About The Content Network…

Myth #1 – There is a lot of click fraud on this network. 

What that means is people think that if you run your ads on sites within the network your going to get a lot of people clicking on your ad just to make you pay for traffic & you will get robots doing it as well.

The problem with this is that it is usually not true. The reason is that Google has a reputation to protect as they are a public company and need to make sure they have a good image.

So they have been working really hard to make sure this kind of stuff does not happen. I have been using this source since it came out and I have never once had a problem with click fraud.

Myth #2 – The traffic quality is really bad on the Content Network…

You have to realize that it is actually better then the search network in a lot of markets. I use the Content Network more then I use the Search Network because the quality is a lot better in my experiences.

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