Getting Website Traffic - Why Using A Blog Is One Of The Worst Things You Can Do To Get More Visitors To Your Site

When it comes to getting visitors to your site and making money online you have to realize that the worst thing you can do is use a blog to make this happen.

In this article I want to show you exactly why using a blog is a bad way to get visitors to your site…

Reason #1 – You will get really bad conversion rates in most cases.

If you are trying to get people to come to your site for the first time and you are using a blog to make it happen you have to realize that the conversion rates are usually really bad.

The reason is that you have so many things going on when you come to the home page of the blog that it is really hard to figure out what you are suppose to do.

So if you are trying to get people to signup for your free newsletter you are going to have a tough time making it happen and you will probably only get 10% conversion rates if you are lucky.

Reason #2 – The content is time stamped and you have to keep updating it…

That is the big problem with blogs – you have to keep adding more and more content to keep it going because if the content gets old the search engines will probably drop you from the rankings as they want you to have new and fresh content.

Where as if you stuck that content on a normal site you would see your rankings go up over time as the content gets more creditable when it ages on normal sites.

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