Getting More Visitors To Your Site Using Banner Advertising - Why This Source Is Better Then Using Google Adwords

When it comes to getting visitors to your site you have to realize that you can make a lot of money if you use Google Adwords. The problem with this traffic source is the fact that you have no control of what is going on and you can lose your traffic in a matter of seconds.

That is why I want to show you how to get visitors to your site using banner ads and show you why they are better then Google Adwords.

Secret #1 – You control the traffic source…

You have to realize that the best thing you can do is get traffic from individual sites in your market because you control the variables that way.

When you get visitors to your site using Adwords you are at their mercy.

If they decide they don’t like your landing page or what you are doing – they will shut of your traffic and you will be left with nothing.

That is not the case when you get visitors directly from sites in your market.

You are in control of everything and most site owners could care less what you are doing as long as it is relevant and legal.

Secrets #2 – You can diversify yourself…

If you get your ads on 100 sites, which means you have 100 different ways of diversification in your business. So if one site goes down you still have 99 different traffic sources that you can use.

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