Getting Google Adwords Traffic For Cheap - How To Decrease Your Cost Per Click So You Can Increase Your Profits

The bottom line with making money using Google Adwords is that if you can lower your cost per click – you will make more profits.

Here Is How You Can Lower Your Cost Per Click Using Google Adwords…

Secret #1 – Make sure you are split testing all your ads…

The bottom line is that if you can increase your click through rate you can decrease the amount you are paying on a per click basis…

Google rewards advertisers for getting more people to click on the ad that they are running.

The reason is that if you can get more people to click on the ad, you are going to make Google more money.

Not only that, you are showing them that your ad is more relevant and that you know what you are doing.

Secret #2 – Make sure you are cutting out all the search terms that are not making you a profit.

One of the biggest problems that people have is the fact that they will not cut out the keywords that are not working.

Make sure you drop them right away and focus only on the ones that are working for your business.

Most people are worried that if they cut out the keyword that some day someone would have come along and bought from them and they would have made that keyword profitable.

Worry about that when you have a lot of money to waste…

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