Getting Banner Advertising Traffic - How To Know Which Sites Will Make You A Profit In Your Niche Market

One of the biggest problems that most people have with banner advertising is the fact that they have no idea which sites will make them a profit and which ones will lose them money.

Here Is How To Know Which Banner Sites Will Make You Money & Which Will Lose Money…

Secret #1 – Make sure other people are buying ads on the site for longer then a month at a time.

If you want to buy ads on a site because you think you will make money from it, you have to make sure that other advertisers are buying the ads as well and are doing so for longer then a month.

That way you will know that they likely renewed their ads and are now making a profit. If you find a site that has no advertisers and is looking for people to buy ad space – watch out!

Secret #2 – Make sure you test each ad on a small scale before ramping up your campaign in that market.

You have to realize that you can make a lot of money doing this the right way.

What you need to do is make sure you buy the smallest ad possible and then ramp it up once you see that it is at least breaking even.

If it does not – then you can dump the site after the first month and find more sites to test out.

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