Get Website Traffic To Your Site - Secrets You Need To Know To Effectively Get More Online Visitors

A big mistake that people make when it comes to getting website visitors to their offers & internet businesses is the fact that they think all visitors are the same and will buy from them. In this article I want to show you how you can fix this problem so you can get more visitors to your site who will buy what you are selling.

You have to realize the secret that no one else knows in most markets.

It is the fact that most people in your niche think that every website visitor is the exact same and will buy from them at the same rate.

You have to realize that different sources in your market will provide you different quality levels of customers.

The problem with this is that people will often try a source in their market like Adwords and then think that buy visitors from other sources will give them the same quality levels as the Adwords traffic.

You need to realize that you will have some sources that will give you a 10% conversion rate and others that will not give you a sale even though you drive 10,000 visitors to your site.

So what you need to make sure you do is test each source on a small scale and figure out which one is going to give you the best return on investment.

That is very important because getting more traffic volume won’t make you rich. You need visitors who buy!

That is why you want to gauge your success on the fact that they buy verses the fact that you can get a lot of them.

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