Banner Advertising Traffic - Secrets To Knowing Where Your Banners Need To Go So You Can Get The Most Amount Of Clicks

One of the biggest problems that most people have with making money from banner advertising is the fact that they stick the banner in the wrong place on the site they are advertising on and never get enough clicks and can’t make a profit using this traffic source.

Here Is Where You Need To Put Your Banners If You Want To Get More Traffic The Right Way…

Secret #1 – You need to make sure they are above the fold on a website…

That means you need to make sure your ad is on the part of the site that shows up when you first load the web page.

That is what is called “above the fold”. That means you can get your ads viewed by everyone who sees that page.

But if your ad is below the fold you will only get seen by people who scroll down the page and look at the bottom half of the site.

So you have to realize that this can literally make the difference between you making a lot of money, getting a lot of traffic or going broke in the process.

The other problem is that site owners show you stats for total page views – they can’t break it down for above/below the fold. 

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