Banner Advertising Traffic - How To Find Sites In Your Niche Market Who Will Run Your Banner Ads For Cheap

The secret to making a lot of money from banner advertising is making sure you get your ads on sites that can give you a great deal.

Here Is The Secrets To Finding Sites That Will Give You Cheap Ad Spots…

Secret #1 – Never pay the asking price for an ad in your market.

There is no governing body that says you have to pay a certain amount of money for an ad.

The site owner is going to try and charge you as much money as he possibly can so he can make a ton of profit.

You have to realize this! Not only that, most site owners think their site is more valuable then everyone else’s and you should pay more money because of this.

You have to realize that most site owners think this and it is the way it is. You just have to understand this when you start out with banner advertising.

Secret #2 – Always start out with a small ad first before buying bigger ones…

You have to realize that the site owner is going to tell you the site gets a ton of traffic and everyone buys who comes to his site.

That is great, but you need to buy a small ad first to test the site to get data for yourself.

Once you start to see some profits and traffic come in from this ad, you can increase it and pay a bit more or leave the site all together.

But never buy a big ad on a site until you have proven to yourself that it will make you a profit on a smaller scale. 

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