Banner Advertising - Why This Traffic Source Is Not Dead And How You Can Use It To Get Visitors To Your Site Right Now

One of the biggest myths people believe about getting banner advertising traffic is the fact that it is dead and does not work anymore. A lot of people think that the only people who can make money using this source are big brand advertisers who have millions to spend.

I want to show you right now why it is not dead and how you can get massive amounts of visitors to your site using this source right now…

Reason #1 That It Is Not Dead… Google uses banner advertising to make billions of dollars a year online.

You have to realize that Google is syndicating ads across sites and when people click on these adsense ads they make money.

So if Google is doing this and making billions a year, you have to realize that you need to be doing it as well so you can get more visitors to your site.

Reason #2 – There is more inventory then there is advertisers…

You can get a ton of traffic to your site for cheap right now because there are a lot of sites who can’t sell their inventory of ads because very few people actually use this source.

That means you can get cheap space and lock in your rates for the future.

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Jason Nyback

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