Banner Advertising - The Types Of Banner Ads That Get The Most Clicks Back To Your Online Business

If you want to make the most money possible using banner advertising then you are going to have to make sure you do it the right way and use the right banner ads. If you use the wrong banner ads you will end up getting a really low click through rate and not make much money from your ads.

Here Is The Types Of Banner Ads You Need To Be Using If You Want To Get The Most Clicks Possible:

Secret #1 – You have to make sure they don’t look like an ad…

The bottom line is this – if it looks like an ad the searcher is more then likely not to click on it.

Not only that, if they do click on it they will be more worried about what you are trying to sell them and they will not buy as much stuff from you.

Secret #2 – You have to make sure the ad is blended into the site that you are running it on.

What that means is you have to make sure the ad you have actually looks like part of the site that you are running it on.

So if your site has a white background, you want to make sure the ad has a white background as well.

That way people will not think it is an ad & actually think it is part of your website and then they will be more then likely to click on it and come to your site.

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