Banner Advertising - How To Know Which Sites In Your Niche Market Will Drive You Traffic That Is Profitable

The key to making a lot of money with your banner advertising traffic is making sure you are on sites that will give you a lot of profitable traffic…

Here Is The Secret To Making Sure You Are Running Your Ads On Profitable Sites:

Secret #1 – Make sure the site you are buying ads on is actually selling stuff to the people that visit it.

The reason for this is you want to make sure the site that you are buying traffic from is actually attracting buyers.

You need to realize that buyers buy & researchers just look around the site and then leave.

And if you are not careful you can easily advertise on sites that attract researchers and you will never make a profit.

Secret #2 – Make sure the sites you are advertising on get a lot of repeat visitors…

The reason you want to make sure this is happening is because that means eventually they will probably click on your ad!

The more times they see your offer, the more they will be compelled to click on the ad and come to your site.

The other reason is that if they are coming back to a site on a regular basis, which means they trust the site owner.

Which means when they see your ad they will probably be more inclined to trust you as well…

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